2016: A Year of Legalization of Marijuana for New York

DNAinfo New York has reported that New York’s medical marijuana program will finally start its progress this month as four dispensaries open their doors in early January in New York City. However, the advocates are thinking that medical marijuana use may become slow to take off in the health industry.

The beginning come more than a year after the Compassionate Care Act was signed into law last July 2014 which allowed physicians to use cannabis as a prescription for a number of conditions. New York, among the 23 states that chose to legalize marijuana for medical use, has one of the stricter programs.
In order to prescribe patiens cannabis for the authorized medical conditions, doctors in New York are required to finish a $249 four-hour course online and register with the New York State Department of Health. All the patients who have received prescriptions need to apply online in order for them to receive registry identification card to purchase medical marijuana.

Those who are behind the Answer Page are people who run the obligatory online course for doctors who are seeking to be registered with the state, said that several physicianas have prepared for authorization since October.

”I can tell you registration [for the course] is brisk,” Stephen B. Corn stated, a founder of the Answer Page. “It’s been brisk for a number of months, since the end of October, when [the course] launched … And many, many doctors have successfully, quickly, effectively completed the course.”
Located in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are four medical offices are currently registered to prescribe medical marijuana.

However, advocates have asked whether under the guidelines, the state will be able meet the demand. Five companies were licensed by New York to sell and produce medical marijuana, and each is authorized to open only four facilities.

“There are only going to be 20 dispensaries for a state of 20 million people,” Julie Netherland of Compassionate Care NY told DNAinfo New York.

Source: http://www.ibtimes.com/new-york-marijuana-legalization-2016-medical-cannabis-dispensaries-slated-open-month-2248629

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