[STUDY] RUNNING Link to Kidney Damage

Researches on health and wellness have shown that physical exercises should be a part of the routine to keep the body in good shape. Some are done with a professional fitness instructor or as prescribed by a medical practitioner.

However, recent studies conducted on these workout activities, particularly running, is linked to kidney damage.

Of the many forms of workouts, most individuals opted for running to shed off fats and improve blood circulation.

To further encourage people to engage in physical exercise, except for the athletic ones who are engage in regular workouts, various events are organized particularly marathons, such as running for a cause, to increase people’s social awareness on the importance of physical activities.

With the increasing trend in running as a form of exercise, studies were made and it was found out that these could have adverse effects on the internal organs, particularly, the kidneys.

According to the reports of Shape Magazine, runners in 2015 Hartford Marathon were subjected to laboratory procedures before and after the event to test their kidney health through urine and blood samples. Results showed that 82 percent of the runners have their kidneys injured during the race. However, the report added that damage will last for only a few days and then it will function normally.

Dr. Chirag Parikh of Yale, further explained that, “The kidney responds to the physical stress of marathon running as if it’s injured, in a way that’s similar to what happens in hospitalized patients when the kidney is affected by medical and surgical complications.”

Similar study was also reported by The Atlantic, conducted by William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, which states that 40% of the runners were found out to suffer kidney injury after engaging in marathons.