BEVERAGE Global Package

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Beverage Global Package is one of the product packages with the following contents and benefits:

  1. Product Package contains either 3 VGCaps, 4 VGCoffee regular, 4 VGCoffee NSA, and 4 VG Choco or package of 15 Revita Premium, 3 VG Coffee regular, 3 VG Coffee NSA, 2 VG Choco, 2 Revita L-carnitine SF and 2 Revita Glutathione SF that more than 100% value for money.
  2. With activation code that will be used to activate the distributor tracking Center (DTC)
  3. With 20-50% discount on product repurchases after membership activation in the Victory Global network marketing website that is
  4. With business catalog/kit and brochures for marketing purposes.
  5. With free website and e-commerce system use
  6. With free medical consultation to the distributor who bought the package to be conducted by authorized medical team member of the company at central office of Victory Global located at Worldwide Corporate Center (WCC) Shaw Blvd., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.
  7. With free basic entrepreneurship trainings
  8. With accident insurance with the following coverage:
    1. 200,000 for accidental death
    2. 200,000 for unprovoked murder and assault
    3. 200,000 for permanent disability
    4. 20,000 for accident medical reimbursement
    5. 20,000 for accident burial benefits
  9. And with possibility to earn in the income potential of the Victory Global Marketing Plan when you promote the products and Victory Global business system.

Note: To make sure that you are insured. You must sign the insurance application form and submit to company as you activate your account, the insurance application form is in the downloads found in the distributors dashboard. All collected application forms within the month will be forwarded to the insurance company just after end of the month and will wait for 1 month processing or it will take30 days to 60 days before the insurance will take effect. the distributor will received insurance policy to confirm insurance coverage.

Upon purchase of package the you shall connect with the person who introduced the Victory Global opportunity for system coaching and mentoring or visit to any Victory Global branch and look for a sponsor.

Income benefits of Global Package:

  1. 20-50% product discounts
  2. P1,000 Direct Referral Bonus for every person you sponsor who will purchase the global package.
  3. P250 Pass Up Bonus for every direct sales of your direct referrals.
  4. P1,000 Sales Match Bonus for every 3500 point value left sales and 3500 point value right sales of your organization.
  5. P250 Leadership Bonus or 25% income on the Sales Match Bonus of all directly sponsored distributors.