Calcium Ascorbate Cura-C


Calcium Ascorbate provides me the energy that keeps me on the go amidst hectic schedules, stressful transactions, and exposure to polluted areas. It shields me from harmful bacteria in the environment, contagious diseases in the crowd and a lot of health hazards that I get in contact with, every day.

This supplement is packed not just with Vitamin C, which we so badly need for our immune system, but also Vitamins B1, B6, and B12. Thiamine, regulates blood sugar levels and keeps me energized throughout the day. I may take a slip from my healthy lifestyle, but I trust Cura C to help restore my health back to normal.

Cura C also contains Zinc and Chlorella. It keeps my cells healthy and improves body functions. It is advised that we should take supplements with zinc regularly because the body doesn’t have the mechanism to store it in our system, hence, it gets consumed the moment it is present.

On the other hand, Chlorella is essential to combat harmful substances that causes asthma, respiratory infections and hypertension. It keeps my blood pressure within normal range and I seldom get infected with contagious diseases or epidemics.

Cura C ensures optimum state of health, from the normal functions of the nervous system, improved blood circulation to repair of cellular tissues and skin care. It contains protein for keeping our bones healthy, prevents arthritis and rheumatism, and muscle pains due to over fatigue. Lack of resistance leads to stress and puts too much pressure on our body, hence, take supplements that gives you the energy that can sustain daily routines.

Maintaining our health will not be difficult if we take the right choices in terms of food supplements and medicines. The body may break at certain points, but this can be avoided if we provide support before it gets too late. Strengthening our immune system is the key. Even in times of sickness, our body will not easily succumbed to life-threatening ailments if it has the strength to sustain and combat infections, remain responsive to medical treatments and keep healthy cells in good state during medication.

Cura-C will help you achieve this state of health. It is complete with essential vitamins to equip the body with the capacity to manage health hazards and recover immediately once it gets infected. There are circumstances we could not avoid, and sometimes all we need is an efficient protection to keep us away from health problems.

Vitamin C from pure fruit extracts and packed in a capsule of Cura-C, is all I need to keep the body safe and in good health. Take it too, regularly, and see immediate results as you feel the energy, the youthful glow, and the strength to remain alive until the work is done.


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