Firmina Ionized Pads


Firmina Ionized Pads

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At first I doubted it, but now, I just can’t live without it!

It’s true!

Before, I am really not that conscious of what napkin I am putting on. It seems that everything I use works. Dysmenorrhoea has always been a monthly struggle, and I thought that was normal, until my friend introduced me this product. Honestly, I laugh when she told me that I will no longer need to feel the pain. Was that even curable?

I did not believe it until I tried Firmina Ionized Pads.

This gives me more reason to share my experience with the ladies who are still in pain during monthly visits. Why suffer when you can do something about it!
Let me give you some other benefits:


• Remember that our monthly period ladies are caused by hormonal activities. If you have heard about hormonal imbalance, then let me tell that according to reliable sources I have read, this imbalance may imply health risks. With this Firmina Ionized Pads, it balances our inner pH and hormone levels.

• During the menstruation period, we are more susceptible to welcome germs. With these pads, the materials protect us from any invasion and even reduce inflammation.

• My favorite thing about the Firmina napkins is that they eliminate the unwanted odor, which I disgust most every bloody days.

Active Oxygen & Negative Ion & Far-IR

The secret of Firmina pads is that the materials used to manufacture the napkins are packed with Oxygen far IR and anion. The very strong oxidation destroys and discourages the growth of the microbial agents of infection. In turn, you will always feel clean and at the same time, what all women want – to feel FRESH.

This enhanced immunity is something not all napkins grants. It is not about just the odor of the napkin pad you are using, but how you will feel naturally comfortable using pads, which will make you smell clean all throughout the day. The antibacterial capability calms your mind that though you feel that you are luring too much infectious microbes, with Firmina, you will be worry-free.

It is not just about preventing your discharges from leaking and staining your clothes, it is all about maintaining good hygiene for the entire duration of your period.

This is just one of the best products of technology that is available in the market today. A very great find, because it highlights the need of all women.
I have checked it for you already that this has passed the international standards of napkin pads and at the same time – FDA approved.

It will not hurt you to do something beneficial for your body, especially when it secures your health and provide solutions to your monthly needs!

Try it now!