Full Harvest Root and Leaf Fertilizer


Exactly What Plants Need

I never knew that this product works, until I used it and enjoyed the satisfying results.
The Full Harvest Root and Leaf Fertilizer Organic Foliar Fertilizer have it all.

With the perfect combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, no plant will be withered as it will be packed with the complete nutrients it needs in order to procure good harvest.

One of the good reasons why I opted to purchase this product is the pro-organic raw materials it has. With the NPK, from roots up to the tips, I am certain my plants will get the necessary help it require to stay healthy.

Added to NPK is other nutrients and minerals that are naturally existing and gathered in this one pack, to give all the plants enough nourishment. This is what all farmers need.

Why You Should Get This Instead of Urea

• Full Harvest Root and Leaf Fertilizer has the three (NPK), while Urea only has N.

With that given, it is assured that no plants would live healthy with nitrogen alone, compared to a plant fertilized by a complete package.

• Since these NPK served as the macro-nutrients, the Full Harvest Root and Leaf Fertilizer also have the trace elements or micronutrients to support the proper growth of plants.

• Urea is only recommended for plants undergoing the vegetative stage, while the Full Harvest is for the complete growth and proper nutrition of plants.

• 4-7 bags of Urea is equivalent to 2 liters of Full Harvest for 1 hectare.

As a farmer, I was not expecting so much increase in my yield, yet Full Harvest liquid organic foliar fertilizer has shown significant difference.

I am also confident that with the grains and other crops I was able to yield, all of them are heavier and assured to be in a healthy condition.

With my computations, I have saved a lot for using this product, which is I am guessing a big factor in running my farming business.


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