Revita Premium


Revita Premium contains minerals and vitamins from the world’s nutrient-containing fruits that holds the needed supplements needed by our body to keep it in shape and in the best of health.

Mangosteen is known to be rich in anti-oxidants, the primary substance that keeps our youthful glow as we grow older. Found in this fruit are abundant amounts of folic acid, vitamin B and a compound called xanthones that are all essential in strengthening our immune system. Heart problems are minimized with regular intake of Revita Premium because it improves blood circulation with its anti-inflammatory properties which is good for the arteries and helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

Another component of Revita Premium is Guyabano extract, which is a good source of Iron, Thiamine, Vitamin C, Calcium and other essential minerals found only in this exotic fruit. Excellent for cancer prevention and for patients suffering from chronic ailments and other health issues. Diseases will be easier to deal with as the body is strengthened with adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, particularly those rich in anti-oxidants.

Moringa is a good source of calcium and iron, compared to milk and dairy products. It also contain anti-inflammatory properties. It helps prevent anemia, colon cancer and intestinal disorders, as well as it lowers blood sugar. Even in localities where this tree is grown, people are using the leaf extracts to heal wounds, treat insect bites and skin inflammations. Through time, they realized the healing properties of this leaves as the effects are readily seen and experienced.

Equally potent with the rest of fruit extracts, is the Red Fruit, known as Buah Merah. This is quite rare and grows only in the mountain ranges of Indonesia. This is a huge red fruit that contains substances that remarkably help restore terminally ill patients to wellness. It is a source of supplement that can sustain the patient through medical treatment and during recovery period from grave health conditions such as cancer, AIDS, Diabetes and Lupus.

It boosts the person’s resistance against the debilitating effects of life-threatening conditions. So much so, that healing has become possible even on diseases which medicine failed to cure.

Since taking Revita Premium regularly, as needed by the body, I am no longer worried about possible health problems that comes with age. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and with adequate supplement of Revita Premium, health and wellness will never be a problem.

Everything is found in the environment and organic supplements are proven to be effective. For us, who can’t easily go to places where these fruits are grown, Revita Premium brings us the best that nature has to offer. We can ensure our health in comfort, and can take nutrients at our convenience with this product.