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VG Caps is a safe and natural alkaline producing supplement.

It is a nutritional food supplement that not only enhances our body’s natural defenses and immune system but also lowers down the potency of some diseases. VG Caps also boosts cell regeneration and the natural healing factor of our body.

More details about the product:

  • The VG Caps supplement is available in 500mg per capsule.
  • Each capsule consists 250mg of the following all natural vegetable ingredients;
    • Ampalaya
    • Camote leaves
    • Papaya
    • Saluyot
    • Siling Labuyo
    • and Taro leaves
  • The remaining 250mg are made up of essential minerals that produce alkaline which eases the way for all the vitamins to find their way into our body cells.

In my case, VG Caps has greatly helped in regulating my Blood Pressure and Diabetes. Additionally, VG Caps is also effective in controlling and preventing certain Cancers, Asthma, Heart Diseases, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Ulcer, Dyspepsia, Lung problems, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, Cataract, Weak Eyesight, Post menstrual problems and other degenerative diseases.

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For those looking for an effective and inexpensive way for cleansing and detoxification, VG Caps is also an ideal option. VG Caps’ ingredients are highly rated by several scientific journals as effective agents for purging toxins out of the body. VG Caps is most effective when used to detox the intestines. VG Caps have the right combination of ingredients that compliments each other in order to be more effective compared to taken on single dosage.

Cellular nutrition, much like stem cell, is a breakthrough discover that helps our body maintain its natural healthy balance. Our body undergoes on a constant process of cell regeneration. However, certain types of foods, nutrients and minerals can help our cell regenerate faster than their usual process. VG Caps, with all its healthy and beneficial ingredients, can help our cell regenerate and heal faster giving us more vitality and keep our body’s immune system on high gear.

VG Caps was initially conceived as an alkaline-producing supplement. In this aspect, VG Caps shines and not many products out there in the market came even close to its high standards. VG Caps excretes alkaline that helps to balance the acidity of our body. This is essential especially for those who suffer degenerative diseases.

All in all, VG Caps in not only an alkaline inducing supplement. Through years of study, VG Caps have turned into an all-in-one supplement that helps the body build an impenetrable immune system that keeps our body healthy.VG Caps New 2


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anna M,

    I have known VG Caps when I was looking for an alternative alkaline-producing supplements. For years, I have been using synthetic supplements which are very costly and hard to come by. After checking with my doctor, I decided to go a different path and look for an all-natural supplement.

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