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Mangosteen contains powerful antioxidants and natural chemicals that can help boost the immune system. This natural chemical compounds were proven to posses a variety of potent medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of Malunggay

  • Malunggay leaves help strengthen the immune system
  • It helps normalize blood sugar level therefore preventing diabetes
  • It has anti-cancer compounds (photochemicals) that help stop the growth of cancer cells
  • It helps relax and promotes good sleep
  • It helps normalize high fever and asthma attack
  • It heals Ulcers and hyperacidity

Mangosteen Health Benefits

  • Cardio-protective – helps in the protection of the heart
  • Immuno stimulant – helps the immune system fights infection
  • Hypoglycemic – helps stabilized blood sugar
  • Antiviral – prevents viral infection
  • Anti-tumor and cancer preventive
  • Antioxidant – rich in antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory – helps with inflammation