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Ebola Outbreak in Guinea- Finally ends: Declared by WHO

The country of Guinea, where the first outbreak of Ebola virus came, has finally been declared free of the disease after two years, declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday (Dec. 29). This deadly Ebola had already killed more than 11,300 people worldwide, mostly in Liberia, Siberia and Guinea. To earn this specification, the country of Guinea needed to go 42 days since the last case of Ebola tested the negative for the virus. According to the U.N. World [...]


Ebola Virus’ Persistence On Victims Raise Questions

The dreaded Ebola virus can still hibernate in its victim’s eyes, testicles and breast even after a long period of being removed from the bloodstream. This new discovery raises a serious question whether the disease will ever be beaten. University of Britain lecturer on virology and Ebola expert Ben Neuman said in a statement, “Over the past few years there has been mounting evidence of mental and physical health problems in Ebola survivors that can last for years after the [...]